Monday, September 30, 2013

Black Sesame Cookies

We have had dear friends visiting us from New York, and recently we found ourselves in a dilemma that many of us know well: after a delicious dinner, we all felt a sugar craving coming on, but we had no dessert! In New York, a deli is never more than a few minutes away and always open, but our life in the 'burbs of Berkeley doesn't make it quite that easy. COOKIES TO THE RESCUE!

Monday, September 9, 2013

White Gazpacho

Gazpacho sounds fancy and intimidating, but it is actually as easy as making a smoothie. While the classic tomato gazpacho or the herbaceous gazpacho verde are delicioso, the creamy white gazpacho has a charm of its own. Traditionally, it evolved as a way for peasants to use their leftover bread, mixed with fruits and vegetables from the fields. Blanched almonds (almonds without their skins) make it feel substantial, with a supple, creamy texture. But the body of this chilled soup is cucumber and green grapes, juicy and refreshing.