Friday, June 6, 2014

Garam Masala

Spice up your life!
We just LOVE spices at our house. They add so much flavor and character to an enormous range of dishes. No world cuisine would be complete without spices and their leafy cousins, herbs. The term spice usually refers to the dried seeds of different plants, sometimes herbs, shrubs or trees. One spice known the world over is pepper, which are the dried seeds of a vine. Coriander are the dried seeds of cilantro. Cardamom grows on big towering trees. Many spices are imported from tropical climates, but many can also be produced locally or even in your own backyard. Spices are incredibly beneficial for health, stimulating your body and all its systems. In fact, before modern science, spices were medicine and can still be used to that effect. Personally, I like to make my medicine delicious and eat it!