Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome to Our Garden!

Our Garden, March 2010

After a long, cold winter, we transformed this barren landscape into...

Our Garden, June 2010

Welcome to It's From the Garden, a place where everything grows in the dirt and ends up on our plates. We are so excited to begin this journey with you and show you how fun and delicious life in the garden can be. We, by the way, are Kyle and Ashley, Californians to the bone who migrated to New York City 4 years ago and ended up bringing a slice of the Golden State to our backyard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We have never had a garden before, but we have eaten many, many things that come from gardens and we wanted to give it a try. So here we are, with our rescued pup, Becky Mae Dominguez, inviting you to come over and spend some time in our garden.

We want to share our gardening adventures with you and show you how scrumptious it is to eat vibrant meals from organic and (very) local produce. The food from our garden is good for us, the animals and our big beautiful planet. In addition to our meals, we try to take the same approach to life, doing the best we can to minimize our impact on the giant garden we call earth.

"Hope to see you in the garden soon!"
-Becky Mae Dominguez


  1. I can't wait to see what you dig up!!! I'm hoping for many a vegan recipe, and lots of pictures with Becky Mae.

  2. Yay, your up and running. If you have any questions about what's happening with certain plants feel free to ask anytime.