Friday, April 19, 2013

Cheers to Friday!

Last Friday evening I came home from work exhausted and beyond ready for the weekend to begin. Kyle greeted me with excitement, explaining that we had our first summer strawberry harvest! The strawberries were plump, bright red and READY to be devoured. I looked down and noticed our mint was bursting out of it's pot and remembered that we had a bottle of Rosé chilling in the refrigerator. With a burst of energy that only comes when you know you're about have a cocktail from the garden, I bounded into the kitchen and whipped up a Refreshing Strawberry Spritzer! It was the perfect way to begin our Friday night and I can assure you that we'll be enjoying this light, refreshing cocktail again tonight! 

Refreshing Strawberry Spritzer
Feel free to make this spritzer your own by adding as much of each ingredient as you like!  

1 bottle of Rosé
1 bottle of Seltzer
3 sprigs of Fresh Mint
8 Strawberries (with the tops removed)

Lay out for wine glasses.  In each glass slice a strawberry and tear up 3 mint leaves. Add as much wine as you think fit (we filled the glass a bit less then half) and top of with cold seltzer.  Use remaining strawberries and mint as a garnish.

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