Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bio-Intensive Life

We are so blissed-out in Sonoma County, learning the ins and outs of the bio-intensive system of gardening. Spending our days surrounded by overflowing beds teeming with organic produce, we come home dirty, sweaty and smiling. The bio-intensive system encourages double-digging(preparing the soil by digging twice as deeply as other gardening systems), close plant spacings and placing complementary plants side-by-side. The result is impressive yields of organic produce, even using limited space, water resources or poor quality soil. And best of all, following the Bio-Intensive system correctly will actually improve the health of your soil after each season of planting, by returning the nutrients through compost.

We are certainly still in the beginning stages of our knowledge about Bio-Intensive gardening, but we love what we are learning. Gardening is not just work, it's a way of life, and we are letting go of the last shreds of New York City-paced living and succumbing to the slow-jam rhythm of life in the garden. If you're interested in learning more about gardening, the Bio-Intensive system is fantastic for beginners and with a little care and love, you can reap the benefits of your organic garden.

To learn more about the Bio-Intensive method of farming and growing vegetables like these:

Up next: Roasted Potato Salad! Say yes to summer, look up at the shimmering leaves of trees, and try this truly special potato salad. Get blissed out; it's August!

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